Energy Medicine

Qi Gong

Qigong is a primary form of medicine in China that is being hailed around the world as a miracle medicine. Practitioners, masters and doctors of Qigong scan the body’s energy fields for anomalies that might be causing physical disease, discomfort, pain, emotional stress etc. and they correct these imbalances. By correcting disruptive energy or anomalies in the normal flow of Chi in, around and through the body, the body is free to heal itself.

Qigong is the father of the more modern Acupuncture and instead of using needles to correct imbalances in Chi flow a skilled practitioner can directly influence the Chi flow without even touching a patients body. Pain can be dissipated through a “drawing out” of stagnant energy, headaches can often be dissolved by stimulating digestion. Anxiety can be “evolved” through healing practices of Qigong that use the anxiety for fuel changing unwanted negative emotions to more expansive emotions like unconditional love, peace and or joy.
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60 Minutes $135

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While not for everyone, the results of these types of bodywork (reiki / polarity) alternating between “hands on” and “hands off” treatment incorporating the body’s Biomagnetic system/Aura can be quite astounding for those who are open to their possibilities. Clearing the Chakras leaves many feeling calmer, clearer, and spiritually renewed.

60 Minutes $175