Neurolingustic Programming 

Clearing negative emotions that are attached to you in some way from a distant memory, stuck in your mind and body which causes unhealthy reactions hindering you and your body as a whole in your everyday life. We find the root of where the negative emotions started growing from. Usually we spend ten minutes getting some information about the problem state before moving onto defining what your desired outcomes are. In some cases we may spend more time on gathering a personal history but in most cases ten minutes per session is adequate.

Only a short period of time is spent on defining the problem before working on your outcomes. So you can expect to experience change in each session.

Once we have identified the problem state and built a well formed outcome we move onto accessing and mobilizing internal resources to help you make your desired changes. When you change your physiological body's reactions, your memories also change.

For example: when you think back to the past it is like the old problem was not actually a problem at all. In some cases the visual memory shifts from negative to positive - which means that in some cases the client will deny that they ever had a problem.

Why wait any longer? Begin your transformation.


1 Hour $175.00

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